Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday June 8

A lot can happen in a 24 hour period.
I finished my gloves. I am dyslexic-directionally challenged so as silly as it sounds, I would like to make the correct turns while RAAM.

Our Team H2Ope kits arrived...

Larry was interview by the Sun Newspaper here in Cleveland, Ohio. The article will print this upcoming Thursday.

Yesterday the Strongsville Post (Cleveland, Ohio) publication called me and I have an interview with them this afternoon.

Trish and I show off our kits...[a kit refers the jersey top, shorts] around Strongsville, Middleburgh Heights, and Berea as we had a nice easy ride.

In Southern California our crew chief Kat and crew hosted the Ride-In movie night at the Block Shop.

I even  made friends with a snapping turtle while waiting to meet up with Trish for a ride.  
For those of you who are just checking our the Team H2Ope blog for the first time, thanks for visiting!
Team H2Ope is a RAAM-Race Across America team spilt mostly between Cleveland, Ohio and Southern California.  The team is made up of a 4-person relay with 13 (looking for 15 crew members) that begins at Oceanside, California following the RAAM route all the way to Annapolis, Maryland.  We will begin our adventure on Saturday, June 18, 2011 just days away!!!
This is not exactly a 'ride-in-the-park'. The racers have been hard at training for months in preparation for the race. Team H2ope is taking an unique approach to racing compared to some teams. Within a 4-6 hour period, two of the four person will trade off in estimated 30 minute hard effort rides. They will be trading in and out of the same vehicle. The driver and navigator will be hard at work finding a place to pull off the road an estimated 30 minutes ahead on the route where an exchange can take place. During the daytime, the rider who been riding will be approaching giving a signal to the new rider. The current rider must past the hub of the new rider which constitutes the relay. After 6 hours, these two riders will be 'off shift' while the two other on trading off for 6 hours.

Team H2ope was brought together with a passion for cycling and a desire to help provide safe, clean drinking water for those in need. We are racing for Blue Planet Network along with 2 other team [2-person relay and a soloist racer]. Through our Cleveland connection Drink Local Drink Tap and Blue Planet Network we are racing to provide a sustainable well for the children of St. Charles School in Uganda. For our team, this project has become close to our hearts. I think it is something quite amazing to take a skill set such as cycling and make it apart of the bigger picture and make an impact for the better in the world.

The journey to the starting line of RAAM is the most challenging part. Everyday or so I go to the RAAM website sadden that the number of participants drops as the starting date becomes more of a reality. Team H2ope would like to personally thank everyone who has helped to support our cause and bring awareness to the global water crisis on our world.

To our sponsors: Polar Bottles, Dash Cycles, Action Wipes
We truly appreciate your support and we look forward to representing you as we travel 3,000 miles in 7 days across the United States. You not only support us but our cause and for that we are thankful.

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