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Endurance Junkie-Sara Harper

Sara Harper - 21, Strongsville, OH (22 for RAAM 2012)
What does your cycling background include? How long have you been cycling?
I began cycling high school as cross training for running and began racing competitively in duathlons, and biathlons at 16. At the collegiate level, it quickly began my main focus. I have raced for University of Northern Colorado, Grunt Girl Racing, Snakebite Racing, and Kent State University. I have competed in ultra running distance events and road, mountain, and cyclocross, BMX cycling disciplines.
What do you do for a living? 
Exercise Physiology student, employee at Vertical Runner, Account Manager at Tannery Communications. 
How do you balance training, work and your personal life? What does your training entail for a ride like this?
I have a set schedule and I follow it. However, everything in life needs balance. I plan ahead as much as possible to maximize my time. I might live in Northeast Ohio but I do not let those cold temperatures get to me. Unless there is a major snow storm, you will find me training outdoors. At any given day, you can find me in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park either running or cycling.
Why are you doing this? What's going to keep you motivated to keep riding? 
When I first heard of Team Hope and their mission, working with Blue Planet Network, I was inspired. When the offer was extended to me to be apart of such a determined group of individuals, there was no way I could turn down such an opportunity. I will be motivated to accomplish such a feat, not such the race itself but accomplish so much more for Blue Planet Network and the greater good they do everyday.

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