Get to Know The Racers

Andre Husain - 45, Cleveland, Ohio (46 RAAM 2012)
What does your cycling background include? How long have you been cycling?
I've been cycling now for over 20 years! Wow! My background includes numerous endurance rides like the Pan Ohio, TOSRV, and many others. Road races, centuries, and century+ rides. I'm really passionate about the sport and the cycling community.
What do you do for a living? 
National Account Manager
How do you balance training, work and your personal life? What does your training entail for a ride like this?
I have a decent number of base miles accumulated this season. In Northern Ohio, because of the harsh winters, I think the goal is always to maintain your fitness! I plan to cross-train, maintain a strict diet, and as the race gets closer, spend some serious time in the saddle climbing (even if it means some weekend trips south).
I make every attempt to train early mornings when possible and when I'm time challenged, at higher intensity.
Why are you doing this? When you're in the middle of Kansas and all you see is farmland and you're tired of riding, what's going to keep you motivated to keep riding?
I'll be motivated by the sense of accomplishment when we cross the finish line and the knowledge that as difficult as it may be at that moment, it's temporary.