I was asked to answer some questions for RAAM media. I figured 
I'd share them with everyone. 
Occupation: System Admin/Developer

College: Humboldt State University

Employer: Quadranet

How have you known about RAAM?  How long afterwards did you decide to
enter the race?  What triggered your decision?

I found out about RAAM through my friend Kat after she had crewed for
Jen about 3 years ago. Kat is now my crew chief :) 

Kat and Andre were putting together a team for RAAM, which she later
asked me to join. 

Athletic history (cycling results & other)

LA Marathon, Tuscon Marathon
Cross Country, Track
Collegiate Cycling
PAA/Remax Road, Mountain, Cyclocross

Considering all sports, what were the events or outcomes that most
impacted your life in both a negative and positive manner?

All the sports and athletic events that have impacted my life to this
current point probably started to training and running the marathon in
middle school. I continued that training with the track & field team in
high school. As a result I led a healthier lifestyle: I stopped eating 
junk food, drinking soda and focusing more on my goals in general.

Who are your heroes?  Why?

Alan Turing made some of the most significant contributions to the field
of computer science, yet he managed to come in 5th in the British Olympic
marathon trials.

What intimidates you most about RAAM?

The lack of sleep. I tend to become a zombie when I don't get enough sleep.

Are you supporting an organization or charity?  Tell us why.

Yes, the Blue Planet Network. When Andre talked to me about doing
RAAM, we decided to also do it for a cause. We thought about something 
that means a lot to us and impacts everyone on the planet.

Favorite quote, either famous or not, that fuels your ambition

Do or do not. There is no try. - Yoda

What are your expectations from RAAM?

To be pushed to new limits, to have an experience of a lifetime.