Founder and Chairman
An industrialist, philanthropist and environmentalist, Jin has been a principal in a number of businesses including scrap metal processing, steel forging/fabrication, film and television production, fish farming, real estate development, software development and marketing. In 1991, Jin and his wife, Linda, established a donor advised philanthropic fund at Marin Community Foundation that focuses on environmental issues. Jin served on the board and staff of numerous non-profits over the past 35 years. Along with being a board member of The Natural Step, US, Jin serves on the board of the Predator Conservation Alliance and the Earth Trust Foundation. Since 1979, Jin has been affiliated with Dia Rosatsu Zendo Kongo-Il, a Zen Buddhist Monastery. Jin Zidell received a BS from the University of Colorado School of Business in 1960.

Jin's Blog: http://jinzidell.com/

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