Friday, June 17, 2011

One More Day

At 2pm Pacific (PDT) The Team Hope will cross the starting line in Oceanside, California and begin the journey of a lifetime to Annapolis, Maryland hoping to finish in 7 days.

The last few days is a balance of organized as our crew chief Kat and her family have opened up their home to 4 racers and 14 crew members. we have a full size RV and 2 vans plus Kat's CRV which will act as our chore vehicle probably driving her neighbors crazy yet have been very supportive once finding out what (us) all these crazy people are up doing.

Today is our last day "TO GET SHIT DONE" This has become my new favorite saying over the past few days personally.

Josh stepped up with creating the schedule today and delegating the last minute tasks including switching out our RV due to something wrong with the dry shaft or something of that nature. I would go into more detail might I do not know trucks.

Ruben, Ociel, Nick and others are working out some issues we had with the PA system this past evening during a full out practice session. It was a great learning experience and well done for little experience. From the racer perspective, I felt very safe and comfort with communication between my immediate follow vehicle. Lessons were learned it will only help us work better as a team.

Several other crew members are WORKING-to clarify not just working. I mean hauling ass.

Over the past few days I finally been able to meet in person this random group of people that has been emailing constantly back and forth for months. It has been such a great experience and everyone brings something unique to the table. I think it was Ociel who said it is like the Real World. (I am a 21 yr old. It is a stupid reality show that puts people in a house together). Anywho...We will be taking video and pictures 24/7 so I guess that is like the The Real World confession room?

Yesterday the whole team went down to Oceanside and we will return today again as a team for the team meeting this evening. I will apologize now. Re-reading my sentences back and I feel like I am back in Elementary school failing my writing class. As you might imagine, the logistics of such an event is hard to even describe. Over the past few months, my life come to be solely about RAAM with school and a thing called a social life outside of cycling on the side. I am excited yet stressed and filled with anxiety rolled into one. Take this as my explanation of this rambling blog post. Welcome to my thought process right now of a 21 year old endurance junkie racer.

Tomorrow hopefully our crew members will be able to post updates and I hope you enjoyed getting some insight and a 'behind the scenes' look to my adventure in Race Across America. Safe travels to all RAAM participants.

Ride On.
Sara Harper -Racer


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