Wednesday, June 15, 2011


No one knows better how much RAAM prep work needs/has taken place more than our Crew Chief Kat. Kat along with some the California based crew members worked over the weekend beginning the prep work on the vans and RV. A good portion of the team is present though today to help make everything happen

So far- paperwork is being finished, the RV, CRV (chore vehicle), and our 2 vans our going through "Pimp My Ride". Larry and myself (Sara) will be sharing one van since we are on opposite shifts. Tupperware containers will help keep us organize for the 7 days will be living in it between our 4 hour 30 minutes on and off the bike. Alex and Andre will share a vehicle as well racing on opposite shifts.

How it works: Andre and I (Sara) will trade off in 4-30 minute tempo rides where our opposite vehicles will pick up and drop us off the road waiting for the next rider exchange to occur. After our shift, we will make our way to the RV where 4 crew members will be sleeping at any given time. The racers will shower up, eat, sleep, then after 4 hours-we will make our way back to our vans. Then the opposite team will be off. Starting Saturday, we will have a racer on the road 7/24.

To-Do List Getting Crossed Off: The vehicles were outfitted with decals for RAAM and sponsors while being installed with a PA System today as well. I'm sure there's so much else going on in Kat's house today that I don't even know about.

Tonight a few of us will make a trip to San Diego, CA to pick up Emily Monahan who is flying form Erie, PA.

Pictures will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned for more exciting RAAM blog posts!!

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