Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Over 700 kids from St. Charles School in Uganda don't have access to safe water,
They have to walk 3 miles twice a day just to fill their 5-gallon container.
The Team Hope, Blue Planet Network & Drink Local Drink Tap is raising funds to build a sustainable well,
To make this happen, a monetary gift from you would be quite swell.
This water well would provide adequate sanitation and reduce disease,
With your help, we will see the number of deaths decrease.
We hope you follow our progress as we ride our bikes across the states,
Via Twitter, Facebook or on our website - 3000 miles from California to Maryland, for 6 days we will race.
But even when our race is over, our efforts will not stop there,
The Team Hope will raise funds for St. Charles School and others to show that we care!
- Crew Chief Kat Espino & the rest of the Team H2Ope

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