Monday, May 16, 2011

RAAM Details

This week Ruben, Kat, and Alex had a RAAM practice in California using 2-way radios so the vehicle and communicate with the racer. The vehicles will also have a PA system too which will be nice when I could use some tunes on the bike!

This upcoming Saturday is the 'launch' fundraiser for the Cleveland crew. We will be having the fundraiser in Strongsville at Bilo's Bar & Grill 6-midnight!

This upcoming Sunday afternoon Kat, Andre, Larry, Josh, Diana, and myself will be practicing in Cleveland!

It looks like the vans are almost finalized in California meaning us Ohio racers will be shipping our bikes out to California.

In less than a month Diana, Trish, Josh, and I fly out on June 14 to California!!! Andre and Larry will be flying out the following day.

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