Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Strongsville Fundraiser Raffle PRIZES!!!!

Only THREE MORE DAYS LEFT TILL our RAAM launch fundraising party at Bilo's Bar & Grill in Strongsville Saturday night beginning at 6pm!!!

Drumroll please.......buzzzz-zzz-zzz

1        Esbi Salon Gift Certificates: 2 gift certificates including highlight and styling [1: $125/2: $160 value]
2        BPN Gift Basket: Blue Planet network Shirt-gift book,
3    Chiropractor Basket: 1 package of biofreeze, 1 free visit to Absolute Chiropractor {$250 value}
4        Chiropractor Basket: 1 package of biofreeze, 1 free visit to Absolute Chiropractor {$250 value}
5        Fluffy Puppy Basket: Pamper your pup with this 'dog gone to heaven basket'. {$150 value}
6         Uptown Girl Basket: Hoopla Purse, King Nails gift certificate [$80 value]
7        Pimp My Ride Basket: 2-Conrad’s Tire Center oil changes and car cleaning product {$100 value}
8        Grand Fiesta Fiesta!:  Enjoy a dinner out of Gran Fiesta Mexican Restaurant, a bottle of tequila, and a sombrero to make it a party! {$40 value}
9    Friday Night out:  Enjoy a wine tasting at Royal Park Fine Wines in Strongsville, $50 Quince Restaurant gift card, and a bottle of bicycle wine to make it complete! {$75 value}
10    Food on the Go Basket#1: Penn station ($20), Gepetto’s Pizza ($10), Dairy Queen Package! [15$] Romeo’s $10, Steak Escape $10,  {$65 value]
11    Food on the Go Basket: #2chipotle $10, Penn station $20, Steak escape $10, DQ cake $15, Romeo’s $10 {$45 value}
12    Food on the Go Basket: #1
13    Food on the Go Basket: #2
14    Cold Stone Basket:  Cold stone creamery package {$30 value}
15    Hoopla Purse: Go green with a 100% All Natural Basket {$25 value}
16    Sheiban’s Jewelers:{$50 value gift certificate}
17    Pampered Chef: Perfect for the chef in your life! {$60 value}
18    Pump n Run Package: Fitness Together Personal Training 1 week package/ $25 Fleet Feet Gift Card {$300 value}
19   Couple’s Personal Training: Fitness Together Assessment and 1 week package {$250 value}
20  CAVS Basketball : CAVS signed Basketball Ball 2010-2011 season by...
21    Pettiti’s Garden Basket: Gift card and garden fun {$30 value}
22    Starbucks Package: Have a caffeine addiction? Problem solved! {$30 value}
23    Daybreak lavender Farm gift basket:  Simply amazing {$70 value}
24    College Student Survival Kit: Everything you could possibly need to survive including ramen noodles, 5hr energy, cheese whiz, and other necessities! {$50 value}
25    Studio Wish Basket:  A beautiful package by Studio Wish {$75 value}
26   {Ukrainian} Pyccknn Ctahapt Russian Vodka {$50 value}
27   Wine Basket: Enjoy wine and other items so you are ready to serve!

Silent auction items

1 Espi International Salon - Highlight, haircut, and styled by the owner himself-Nuccio! {$250 value}
2 Lavender Farm Package - Simply amazing! {$190 value}
3 Fitness Together Duffel Bag - training sessions and the tools needed to train! {$350 value}
Barrel o’ Booze - including: 1 bottle of Capt. Morgan Spiced Rum, 1 bottle of Smirnoff Vodka, 1 bottle of Seagram's 7 Crown Whiskey, 1 bottle of El Toro Tequilia, 12 pack Bud Light beer, 12 pack Miller Light beer, 12 pack Coors Light beer, 12 Great Lakes Burnign River Ale, 4 pack Bartles/Jaymes Mojito Wine Coolers, 4 pack Bartles/Jaymes Strawberry Daiquiri Wine, 1 bottle of Barefoot Riesling, and 1 bottle of Madria Sangria {$150 value} {Please not the wheel barrow will not be included}
Strongsville Mustang Football Sign! - Donated by the Strongsville Spirit Shop {$50}
6  John Bilo himself is donating an autographed item!!!
7 Dash Saddles-Carbon Fiber Saddle- {$500 value}
8 Dash Saddles-Carbon Fiber Saddle- {$550 value}

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