Sunday, March 27, 2011

Project Uganda

Team H2Ope and Blue Planet has partnered with a great water advocate, Erin Huber of Sustainable Water 2019 Erin Huber is the Chair and Program Development Manager for Sustainable Water 2019 and is Cleveland’s leading nonprofit agency that promotes safe, clean drinking water and drinking tap water instead of bottled water. Team H2Ope, Blue Planet Network and Sustainable Water 2019 have partnered together to change lives of orphaned children in Mulajje, Uganda by bringing them safe, clean drinking water.
Erin is working with an Ugandan teacher at my building with family connections to St. Charles School in the village of Mulajje. The school serves 700 orphaned students who need safe, clean drinking water. When Team H2Ope learned about this we knew we had to ride for these children. We had to bring them H2Ope.
The students of St. Charles School are in desperate need. They need our help. The young girls of this school walk 3 to 4 miles daily to get drinking water from the nearest stream. The girls are encouraged to walk in groups for their safety, but that doesn’t always matter. Many times these girls are abused and raped as they travel for water to drink, bath, to do their laundry and seek relief from the heat. No one should ever have to live through so much hardship let alone children. These children not only need safe water to drink, but need to have water they can safely get.
This is where Team H2Ope shows up, this is where you show up. We need to raise $50,000 to help bring safe, clean drinking water to our St. Charles School and the village of Mulajje. Help us help them. Donate $30.00, Donate $100.00 or Donate whatever you can sacrifice. Your sacrifice will save lives!

                    These Children Depend on People Like You!

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